On January 6, 1957, Elvis Presley made his seventh and final appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. That is sixty-five years ago. Elvis certainly shook things up on the music scene, and he continues to have an impact long after his death.

Why do I mention this? First of all, it is a reminder of just how quickly the years pass by. It also sparks nostalgia and the impact of a legacy. I was not yet born in 1957, but how many people in our midst clearly remember this event and seeing Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show?

United Way of Laramie County has quite a legacy as well. It was formed in 1948. In 2023 we plan to celebrate in a big way our 75th anniversary. We may not have reached as many people as Elvis over the years, but we are certainly doing our best to have a major impact on all the people in Laramie County.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this mission for nearly 3/4 of a century. We look forward to entering our 74th year of service with a renewed zeal for building hope and encouraging wellness through a multitude of programs and organizations throughout the county. Our work is successful because of the generosity and commitment of many individuals and businesses who financially support our endeavors. Your kindness is appreciated.

Vernon Dobelmann
Executive Director