The wheels of progress are turning here at United Way of Laramie County. Our collaboration with the city, county, and state government entities, local businesses, individual donors, and our program partners, is priming the pump for an even more effective outreach in the year 2022.

I want to thank the staff, board members, and other volunteers who helped us stuff envelopes last week. This end of year mailing will reach every household and business who has supported our work over the last five years. We are certain that the generous response to this mailing will put us in a favorable financial position to continue funding the more than twenty programs currently being served by United Way of Laramie County.

The Community Challenge recently issued has also generated a positive response. We are extremely grateful to all of you who see the need and are responding so generously to it. We could not accomplish the great work that we do without your generous support.

Finally, I am grateful for the energy and enthusiasm which our team, board, volunteers, and financial donors all exhibit. Our recent holiday open house was a perfect example of the camaraderie shared by these different groups. We will continue to build hope and spread joy as we nurture our community in a multitude of ways. There is no end to what we can accomplish when we LIVE UNITED!

Vernon Dobelmann
Executive Director