United Way of Laramie County (UWLC) supports and provides funding to 22 different organizations and programs in Laramie County.

UWLC also provides direct services in the Community Schools Program. Shelly Bybee coordinates services and goods for families at both Cole and Hebard Elementary Schools. She works closely with school leadership and community partners to assess student and family needs and identify solutions.

UWLC’s Rod Hottle, coordinates a free tax service each year in partnership with Laramie County Community College and the IRS.  Community volunteers are trained and give of their time to prepare returns for low income families and individuals residing in Laramie County. 

Look at the number of returns completed by these volunteers in 2020:

     Total Federal Returns – 1214

     Total State Returns – 58

     Total Federal Refunds – $1,661,900

     Total State Refunds – $7,594

Credit breakdown as part of total federal refunds:

     Total Earned Income Credit – $203,408

     Total Child Tax Credit – $115,677

     Total Education Credit – $37,481

Finally, UWLC sometimes serves as a clearinghouse in other endeavors. Laramie County Emergency Food and Shelter Local Board met recently to distribute funds made available through the Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency management Agency under the Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program. During this meeting the local board awarded nearly $80,000 from Phase 37 and Cares Act funding to five Laramie County agencies providing emergency food and shelter to support Laramie County residents. The five agencies are the (1) The Salvation Army; (2) Safehouse; (3) COMEA; (4) NEEDS, Inc., and (5) Cheyenne Interfaith Hospitality.

Please know that your financial support of United Way of Laramie County is positively impacting the lives of many people in our community.

Thank you!

Vernon Dobelmann, Executive Director, United Way of Laramie County