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Download campaign resources below.


Why Invest in United Way? (Video)


What Does United Way Do? (Video)


2021 Coordinator Handbook (PDF)


2021 Campaign Poster (PDF)


2021 Campaign Brochure (PDF)


2021 Sponsor/Individual Donor Contribution Form (PDF)


Community Schools Pamphlet


2021 FAQ Sheet (PDF)


Campaign Tally Sheet (PDF)


Designation Form (PDF)


We all have a stake in what befalls our fellow man. We all benefit when a child succeeds in school, when someone finds a job that will help them provide for their family, or when more people are able to access quality, affordable health care.

We rise or fall together. With your support, we are reaching for great new heights.

You do incredible work. We know that you’re going above and beyond to engage your coworkers, and it probably isn’t even in your job description! We’re so grateful for your time, passion, and relentless energy you put into this work. Your community is better for it, and we couldn’t do it without you. If you have questions that aren’t answered here, please reach out to us. We’re here to help!


United Way works with companies, governments, nonprofits and other organizations to address complex challenges on a worldwide scale. Our partners contribute more than money; their ideas, volunteer power, in-kind support and more are helping build stronger communities.

When you partner with United Way, you create opportunities to engage your employees more deeply in their communities. You activate the process of permanent, positive change. And you connect your brand to a unique, trusted nonprofit that’s enlisting millions to change the world.

  • 97% of employees surveyed want to work for a company that cares about them as an individual.
  • 51% won’t work for a company that doesn’t have strong social and environmental commitments.
  • 74% say their job is more fulfilling when they are provided opportunities to make a positive impact at work.

Together, we improve the lives of millions of people. You can give money to fuel community solutions, volunteer your time, or lend your voice to a cause that matters to you.

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Your donation has the power to impact your friends; your neighbors; your child’s classmates; maybe even your own family. Every donation we receive goes directly toward fostering hope and opportunity in Laramie County.