As part of establishing and maintaining a transparent, trustworthy relationship with our donors, we freely share not only our IRS form 990 (as required by law) but also our independently audited financial statements. It’s your right as a donor to see these statements at any time, and our hope is by sharing them openly with you, you’ll see our commitment to being responsible financial stewards of the assets entrusted to us.

Consolidated Revenue

Net Campaign is derived from the total Annual Campaign, subtracting uncollectible pledges and donations directed to a specific nonprofit as chosen by the donor.

Consolidated Expenses

Programs are the reason we exist. These funded Program Partners are chosen by the Community Investment Teams to advance our work in the community.

Donor Designations

Donor Designations are directed to specific nonprofit organizations as chosen by the donor. Support Services include our general operating expenses as well as the funds needed to maintain an Annual Campaign to raise the funds needed to do our work.

Corporate Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors are very important in covering the costs of our support services. Thanks to these business partners, our already low administrative and fundraising costs are partially covered, allowing more of the campaign funds to go directly to fund programs.