Project Gratitude continued last week. We recently surprised Kyra at Murdoch’s on Lincolnway in Cheyenne. She wasn’t sure if she should participate in our give-a-way. We are grateful that she accepted our gift and allowed a photo to be taken. When we found out that she had only been working there for three weeks, we understood the hesitation. Murdoch’s management—Kyra represented your organization well.

It has been fun to see the reactions of people when we randomly approach them. I don’t think we look like sketchy people, but there is definitely a cultural apprehension about “accepting gifts from strangers.” We approach individuals in a very public setting with other people around, but it is still out of the ordinary.

We are not giving away extravagant gifts. We are simply giving small gifts which symbolize hope, gratitude, and joy. We will try to step up our game this week during Thanksgiving Week and bring joy to even more individuals!