After dedicating herself to United Way of Laramie County for the past 22 years, Connie Sloan Cathcart, with the Board of Director’s guidance and support, will be retiring as the Executive Director on March 15th. Connie is ready for the next chapter in her adventure book and is looking forward to traveling, time with friends and family (and her dog Dude!), and some much-deserved rest! This is a big transition for United Way of Laramie County and Connie, but we all are looking to the future and will continue to work to advance the common good in Laramie County!

Since joining United Way in 1999, Connie oversaw growth of the annual campaign from less than $500,000 to a Peak of nearly $1.2 million. She helped modernize the fund distribution process. Taking it from funding organizations to an outcomes-based process that provides funding to specific programs that are aligned with the needs of the community. The shift was designed to ensure that United Way remains a good steward of the community’s donations and to ensure they are used in the most impactful way.

Connie was involved in the planning and leadership that helped bring forward multiple community initiatives. Some of which include the Prescription Assistance program that is now the centralized pharmacy, Wyoming 2-1-1 and most recently, the Community Schools pilot at Cole and Hebard Elementary Schools. She was also involved in the launch of Emerging Leaders, a group of young professionals, who work together to connect, serve, learn about United Way and encourage a dedication to philanthropy.

Seventy-two years ago, community and business leaders had a great vision for Laramie County that included every neighbor having the opportunity to build a great life. For seventy-two years United Way has led the way to focus the community’s resources to help our neighbors.

Connie, we congratulate you and honor you for the work that you have done. Sharing your heart, time and gifts to bring change to Laramie County. As an organization, we hope to carry on in a manner that honors the legacy that you have built. We will continue to work to focus on the same values that inspired you and those who came before us.