The month of November seems to automatically generate thoughts of gratitude. As the executive director for United Way of Laramie County, I would like to use this month to build hope, spread joy, and express gratitude for the goodness of people. Our team will be surprising folks out in the community throughout the month with unexpected visits and gifts.

While each of us will experience challenges of one kind or another in daily life, we will also experience many joys in overcoming these challenges. Magic City Enterprises (MCE) is a place where that joy of overcoming obstacles is seen time and time again.

Jeff Gardner, President & CEO, states the following about Magic City Enterprises on the MCE website: “We have supported people with disabilities to live successfully in the Cheyenne area since 1971, and we look forward to continuing that mission for many years to come!” They are doing some amazing work.

I had the pleasure of serving on one of the boards connected to Magic City Enterprises for quite a few years when my family lived here previously. It was a privilege to do so. Thus, I decided that today would be a good time to make a surprise visit back and give a gift to the first person we encountered. That person happened to be the receptionist, Susan Lewis. She has been working for MCE about three years. I presented her with a small gift from all of us at United Way of Laramie County to express our gratitude for her role at MCE. I asked if we could take a photo together, and she graciously agreed.

I also had the pleasure of visiting with Nancy Gordy. She was always a huge help to our board when I was with an affiliate, Pro Homes, Inc. Her role as Administration and Property Manager was vital to our success as we worked to provide suitable housing for their clients. The dedication and commitment of the administration and the staff of Magic City Enterprises is a blessing to our community. A tip of the hat today to all of the clients, supporters, staff, and administrators at Magic City Enterprises.

This is just the beginning of our adventures. Where will we go next? I am not sure, but we will continue our endeavors to build hope, spread joy and express gratitude!

Vernon Dobelmann, United Way of Laramie County